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14-15th of September, Jackpot on both Stryk- and Europatips


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Hey guys,

This week there will be a Jackpot on both Stryktipset and Europatipset and quite a few interesting games. As always feel free to come with suggestions and preferably which teams you think can upset and why.

Swedes can also join in with this link: https://spela.svenskaspel.se/spela-tillsammans/bli-medlem/d78e9245-23b6-49f8-8c0f-81531d34599b

Stryktipset is the first one and Europatipset is the 2nd one:

21ca2c51cb636f2bf13d9d04692b7e0e.png 86b4355280bd79c96d6054655c679714.png

Bet for Stryket is in (total cost 13,000):


Bet for Europatipset is in (total cost 8,700):


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