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7-8th of September bets, Stryktipset + Jackpot on Europatipset


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Hey guys,

First of all, big congrats to everytone who joined yesterday when we got 13 correct and won 82,000 SEK! 

I was intitially not playing this weeks Stryktipset as it's mostly league one and some games are postponed and hence drawn as a lottery but after yesterday I'm keen on putting on a coupon anyways :D  In the games that are drawn I will play close to optimal, hence putting many of them straight up.

Tomorrow there's also Europatipset with a Jackpot which is very interesting so I'm putting up one there as well.

Feel free to come with predictions (preferably upsets) Swedes can also join (using the same link as yesterday as team is not full): https://spela.svenskaspel.se/spela-tillsammans/bli-medlem/b60f025d-9b2f-4aa4-b57d-facca81bb20f

Stryktipset 1st one (note that game 7-10 will be drawn) and Europatipset 2nd one.                                    
ec9266ad875d0fa6f39761eb1c5ddb90.png 530f518d5e270a9620d9f2b138885dff.png

The Stryktipset coupon is in (cost 6500), we have 39% to hit all the drawn games so let's hope for that!


The Europatipset coupon is in (cost 8700), let's go!


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