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Big Summer Win Tourny

Arcade Alan

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Well, bowl me over with a feather duster... Yesterday, i logged into my hyper casino account as i had an 11% losses cashback from last month. Luckily for me i managed to hit an 800x on bonanza, lost a little through wagering and left myself 500 euro in the account.  Quite with happy with that.

But no, the story does not end there...today i logged in to withdraw my 500 euro, only to be told i had bonus funds and couldn't withdraw, this was strange to me as i had checked the wagering yesterday.  

Without checking my balance so far at this point, i clicked on bonus funds to see what wagering was left and there it was, balance of 3,000 euro...

Turns out (after I checked my email) that i had hit 3rd place in their summer tourny which had a 2500euro prize (showed up as wagering but once i ran a few spins, the wagering vanished and is now fully withdrawable.  

so, thanks Hyper..you're awesome.  Right, i've done a withdraw, left  myself a decent balance and i'm off to degen spunk it (probably on chilli :))



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