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x5828 in DoA 2 + 1.759 in White Rabbit !!!


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Hello again to the community ! 

1) My fav DOA 2 did it again! Back to back epic win two days after i hit that x32000 Again with 0,45 but unfortunately this time no wildline in 8 spins...  

Still can’t complain at all right? ?

P.S. imagine if i had even 1 wildline



Here is the cashout of the DoA





2) When i cashed out the DoA winnings i decide to play a little White Rabbit with 1 euro. And then this happened !!! 

I cashed out 4k in total the same day in two diff slots !




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σε ποια εταιρια παιζεις? ααα.. το ειδα, εκανε τετοια μαγεια η σπορτινγκμπετ? Μπραβοοο

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