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New at slots need advice

Raa raa

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Hiyaa..i was just begggining to enjoy slots..but iam £200 down and no sign of improvement..how do u pick winning slots..ive been playing 95-97.%rtp..after watching a lot of streaming here..and feeling very confident and lucky.whats the way forward..im obviously having fun..but cant afford the losing...

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You can't pick winning slots unfortunately. Be careful with high varience can eat alot of money. Maybe start of with low/high varience for now until you get use to them. Remember when you gamble you probably will lose, but you will win at times stay in control stay with in your limits and enjoy. 


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Hey - Welcome!

If you can not afford loosing gambling is definitely the wrong way to spend your money.

Gambling should be considered entertainment, and always go in with the mindset that the money is lost at deposit. This way you dont loose money you cant afford to loose, and if you are one of the lucky ones winning thats a bonus.

Even high RTPs like 96% + is still an expected loss per game round

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Yep, you must be new! "How do I pick winning slots"....well...if we knew that we would all be rich....but we are not! The best way to maximise your money is to not play at all and failing that, never go in with a mindset that you "must win at somepoint" its the biggest mistake you can make. Allocate money you can afford to lose and set limits...then it is just down to chance.

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The best advice i can give, is stop!!! gambling for now. And use some time to understand how it works. From what you wrote it seems like you misunderstood how gambling works. 

If you win some money, then the money you win is money that other people have lost. In this case you have been the one that have been filling up other peoples bankaccount. 

If you still want to gamble, then please make a budget for yourself. Make a Maximum of how much you can afford to loose pr. Month or year. When you reached that limit please stop. 

Every time you deposit money you should concider the money being lost, but there is a small change you maybe win some back but that is rare. 

I wish you all the best, but your post got me worried. Remember every time you see a big win video, then there could be 10000's of videos of people loosing. 

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