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The future of Casinostreams


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Numbers of viewers is growing steady concerning the casinostreams.

But in the near future it will not be enough to just sit and roll slots to reach a larger crowd of viewers. Then you have to add other content.

We will therefore see streamers who will eat that super extra strong chili, sing really bad songs, cut their hair or making food while spinning slots.

Likely also younger, half naked girls who speaks "directly" to the viewers and writing cute notes, because the target group is "younger men" - Many will do this in close collaboration with some casinos.

Also we will see more and more of well-produced “green-screen” streams where a hired "hosts" like the 80's TV-shop or TV-priests will “entertain” the audience: “Just buy our fucking product – Give us your money – Click here”.  

This is the natural development.

And we are actually seeing these trends right now. Where the goal is to build "armies", "gangs", “troops” and "squads".

"It´s us against them and if you want to be one of us, then I think you should use our link to the casino bellow, because then you support us in the most amazing way. Spread the word! Be a part of our gang!! Let everyone know what a fucking nice time we have at our channel".

“We are fucking awesome!”

But viewers actually have a choice: Do you want to see a true gambler, playing with his own money and who actually gets happy when he or she wins and sad when ripping? – Or do you want to see a salesperson/actor who don’t care if he wins or loses?    

This trend is just growing.

My 5 cents.




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