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well i signed up under a no deposit bonus promotion.

within a short time i met the wagering requirements and they reversed the initial bonus balance leaving 180.73 on hand.

afterwards the site said i had to make a deposit of a minimum $20.00, wager my deposit 5x (80.00)

before a withdrawal to a maximum of 100.00 can be made and that they would reverse the 80 as well.

(which seemed fair to me anyway as 180+20 deposit=200 - 5 x deposit=100 still left 100)...


I sent in my documents made the minimum deposit making my account then have 200.00.

Wagered the 5x and made a withdrawal request for the 100.00.

afterwards i got an explosive hit from Nam as one machine decided i should #Get_PaiiiiiD!

taking the new balance to near on 700

so my question is does anyone think i should be able to withdrawal that as well or will it going to go back into the casinos pocket.


my reason for the withdrawals is these slots just aren't exhilarating enough and i was going to take those funds to a casino which keeps the heart pumping constantly.

lol idm which way it goes really i mean its not a loss by any means besides the fact i was looking forward to upping the ante (betting-wise) lol


any feedback would be gratefully appreciated  

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If the bonus that had a max win was wagered through and you have made a real money deposit, you're free to win and withdraw as much as you can. 

Max win bonuses usually convert to the max amount allowed once wagering is met, and you're not tied to any max amount after that point. So say you finish wagering with a balance of 300 on a 100 max win bonus, your balance will be set to 100. If you then had to make a 20 deposit and wager it 5x (100 wagered), and you now have a 700 balance, you will be able to withdraw the lot. If they deny you that, they're in the wrong and the MGA and/or UKGC will side with you in a dispute. 

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Unfortunately some sites will still impose the max win, even after you made a real money deposit. They will claim that the money is generated from the bonusnmoney. It's only very few that do that though. So unless you are playing at some dodgy Casino, you should be ok. 

You need to make the withdrawal for it to reset on those sites. 

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