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Push Gaming - Wild Swarm saved my life!


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Thanks to playing Wild Swarm, so far this year I have been on holiday to Florida and have another holiday booked to the Maldives in September. I am debt free, and have just been accepted for a mortgage on my first house. A few months ago I bought an £5000car which I paid for in cash, and I also have over £2000 in the bank.

......Now let me take you back to June of last year. I have a really good job, a job that pays really really well, but this time last year I lived in a rented 1 room bedsit, I had no vehicle, I was in debt to payday loan companies for over £7000, and I was 2 months behind on my rent. The reason for this... I had a serious illness, and that illness was gambling. All my wages would go on gambling, I would blow the lot each month, then have to borrow of family to pay bills and to buy food, using the excuse that there was a problem with the payroll at work and that wages would be late this month. I know they didn’t believe it, but because of my Illness a manipulative side came out of me and I would eventually get them to give in and lend me the money. They never used to get it back, because as soon as I got paid again I would be straight on the casino. I was that bad I used to set my alarm for about 2am on the morning I got paid so I could transfer the money out of my account into another account before my payday loan and direct debits came out, just so I had more money to play with.

Anyway, getting back to Wild Swarm. I saw the usual videos pop up on YouTube of big hits etc, an thought this is the one that’s gonna give me that big break I’ve been after, that one that everyone hopes for, the one that’ll sort you right out financially then I won’t need to gamble again. So I started on the game, I started of at £1.00 bets and when I got the hive maxed out I raised to £2.00, I wasn’t trying to be to greedy like whacking it up to £10.00 straight away as I didn’t no how long it took to activate. Anyway, I finally got Swarm mode when I was around £800 down on the game....it paid 33x! I thought I must have just been unlucky that time so for the next 6 weeks or so I just played that game non stop getting bigger and bigger with my stakes the more I went on. I activated the Swarm mode over 20 times in this period, my max win was 110x, my lowest was 18.1x. I worked it out and in the space of that 6 weeks I lost over £26000 on one game, and not once did I leave the game in profit. I had borrowed over £20000 off my parents In this time, saying that I had debt collectors banging on the door and I needed to pay or they will seize my property, I felt so shit doing this but my illness had gotten out of control. 

So how did Wild Swarm save my life.....by being the shittest game I have ever played. Immediately after my last appalling Swarm mode, I emptied my balance and went straight over to GamStop and signed up for 5 years. This really did save my life, I was on a downward spiral, just thinking and hoping that big win will come that will sort my life out. Using gamstop was that big win! If someone would have said to me this time last year that I will be debt free, have a car, been on holiday with another booked, been accepted for a mortgage and have over £2000 in the bank, the only thing I would have thought is that I hit it big on the casino. That was never gonna happen, I am now living my dream, I am happy with life once again, I don’t wake up in the morning worrying about how much I lost yesterday and how I’m going to pay the rent this month. GamStop is an absolute god send, it had helped me so much, and I implore any of you, if your gambling is out of control, don’t think about it, just sign up to it, and I look forward to reading your success story on here. If you are still unsure, play Wild Swarm, it’ll have you signing up in minutes ? Thanks, Ethan.... gamble free for 11 months  and 4 days ??

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