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It's been a long time.But just wanted to do this.

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Hello Casino Grounds community,

It's been over 6 months since I last posted on this forum. So allow me to introduce myself.


My name is Dan, I live in South Wales. I have enjoyed watching streams for several years on and off.I have a lot of respect for streamers,as it appears to be an easy job,..I can tell you it's not as easy as it looks.My aim was to start streaming. Unfortunately , I regret to say that won't be happening. The reason behind wanting to stream was to have something in common with people,to share as something great through the highs and lows. I would like to recommend that streamers include a warning , as dangerous acts on TV say don't try this at home, shouldn't there be a warning not to replicate the actions of streamers. I have Asperger's syndrome ,which effects my learning.

The past 2 years have been pretty bad. I was promised more work when self employed,that didn't happen. I've recently come close to bankruptcy/IVA due to gambling habits. I thought things could change. I tried to get PPI refund on credit cards etc. This process has taken a lot longer than expected. So naturally debts start to increase. I tried to go in for clinical trials ,where they pay you £x for so many days. This hit a brick wall as one company said " we can't use you because you have an allergy to penicillin" and another said " We can't use you because you have Asperger's syndrome" So naturally I'm kinda feeling like I'm not good enough,that's how things went from bad to worse. As I have a non -exiating social life,these horrible thoughts constantly going around in my head. A person whom I know from school and I  was going to see the national television awards in January 2019. I had bought the tickets etc  when I asked him for his share of the tickets he refused. Basically said I should jump in front of a train. ( I still have the conversation via text). Now I'm trying to rebuild my life ,which is hard.I have blocked/deleted everyone on social media. ( Asked to like if they wanted to stay on my friends list ,no one liked in 48 hours)

My gambling habit has decreased a lot over the past few months. ( Before it was like £500 a day now it's like £30 a week) When applying for an IVA , they said I couldn't do it as my gambling exceeded £120 a month.(Something i didn't know which may help others) my current situation is blad but I'm hoping in the next few months , things could get better.

Thanks for taking the time to read,and a lot of that has been bottled up for so long.



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