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https://youtu.be/CYuBwKVyVu8 Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my new Youtube channel. And follow my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/TDSlots Thank you! Hi guys, ive just started out making videos on youtube playing on casinos. I really want to get it off the ground, ive posted 3 videos and have 9 subscribers and about 20 views on each. I want this to be so much higher im aiming to achieve 1000 subscribers, i will be posting a new video everyday and once i have funds for it i will be doing giveaways and donating to charitys. All i need is people to hit that LIKE and Subscribe button. I am suffering from extreme anxiexty and depression and have been unable to work for 3 months already, i have the doctors coming to my house everyday and has encouraged me to do this. I know its in freeplay mode at the moment...but im honest about that. Finacially i cant afford to make the large deposits needed to make the videos. But i really enjoy making content for you guys to see of what the slots can do! All i can say is atleast im honest about the freeplay... I WILL be doing Real Deposits in the future So if you could hit LIKE and Subscribe, it will really help me as a Channel and You will be first to see the Real Money Play Videos. Thanks for reading, i really appreciate it. I Hope to hear from you guys! :)1399746381_MyPost(1).thumb.png.00df9479d37a70dc6a4020a8184212cc.png


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