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Southampton hospital charity round up


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Southampton charity round up 



I would like to start this by saying a massive thanks to Roger aka Mr love is a gamble and to Craig slots and Kim aka let’s give it a spin and every one who donated for all your help without you this would never have happened. 

It was an amazing experience raising money for charity and one amazing stream that Roger done in the Wendy house putting his body on the line to raise money. 

Here are some links to my videos that I have done and to the Southampton hospital charity face book page. Please check out my you tube page Robert Dimmack for all the videos  


My contact Vicky was so shocked by what we raised and was so grateful and she thanks you all. 





Raising money for charity is an amazing thing to do and there are so many good charities out there that need help. I like to do something once a year and I’m happy to take ideas for next years plan. Thanks to you all once again. Much love to you all.

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