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Weird logout/broken game issue with Leovegas


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I've only played on Leovegas. Lately it has started to do this thing where when I'm playing it randomly quits me from the game for being inactive even though playing and spinning actively. Well, it happened while I was playing Extra Chilli, nice run,  just when I bought a bonus. I then went back to the game and it won't load the session anymore let alone let me play the game at all. Everything else works fine so the issue is clearly to do with this game trying to load previous session. Granted, it was only 10€ (lowest bet size) bonus buy but it's a big money for me. I asked about it, they said the usual (cookies, browser etc.) I did it all and tried on mobile and Chili won't work on any of them anymore. Then they said they see the unfinished game, and asked if they could login to my account and resolve it from their side. I said yes. Nothing answered for a day. I asked again the next day and received no answer at all. What to do now? Keep asking?

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Hi manhu,

I would get in touch with the live support and have them chase it. Might have been sent to the provider of the game to check and that's what they're waiting on, but not a bad idea to go that route. It's really unfortunate when this happens with games regardless of the operators but I'd say pretty much all cases get resolved in the end. 

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