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so i have been playing alot recently on a casino which im not going to mention the name off  and i received and email from a vip manager to say my vip level has increase and i have some bonuses available to me and if there was a time he could ring me to arrange these.

while on the phone i was on about thinking of streaming and becoming an affiliate and he gave me information to the company they use. i asked what criteria i would need to meet to get some good deposit bonuses and this was when he mentioned that i could get free money to play with but have a withdrawal restriction. now you may think that this casino is a rogue one but it is accredited on casinomeister and other sites.

so if this one site is doing it then how many other places do it.

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It's not like it's a secret, I'm pretty sure the casinodaddy's have played with this option several times before, but at least they are open about it. It's worse when people pretend to play with real money and lie to their viewers imo. 

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yeah thats what i mean i would rather no they playing with a no deposit bonus ect i dont get why its such a taboo thing most people watch streamers for entertainment purpose anyway . i just want go get it across im not accusing any of the casino ground streamers before people try twist it i already know these guys are the real deal

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8 hours ago, Skylined87 said:

I don't see an issue with no deposit bonus as long as it's withdrawable and you're honest with the viewers. But lying to viewers that you made a deposit when in fact you play no deposit bonus is just bad :)

exactly skyline slots are still going play the same and still got to beat wagering ect.

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I have been offered VIP bonuses before where you need to wager a hell of a lot but at the end you can cashout (normally capped). As long as the streamer states to his or her viewers that this is the bonus they're playing with then it's fine.

I personally feel guilty about playing with these types of bonuses as i know the average player watching my stream wont be able to do it so i tend to avoid this and just play with deposit bonuses which require a real money deposit to play with, or deposit and simply play without any wagering.

Honesty is they key here, be truthful about what you're doing to avoid any issues down the line. I'm happy knowing that the 250+ streams i have done have required a real money deposit for every one :)

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