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leovegasplaysafe my ass HELP ME HE STEAL MY 17k i am mental seriously desesspered


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So sorry i am very bad in English that not mean I am stupid ?maybe they are  more stupid that me because my mother language is thai lao.french,them my last is small  english  I can say  maybe i should call them stupid because they can speak  4 language like me ? and I am genius on technicien computer that my work  micro processor on cell phone and camera security in the world electronique... that maybe why they use me like idiot or maybe kid talking ? ...i spend totaly around 17.000.00$ can is 13.171.96$ usd dollard  after 4 month loyal whit  them yes i go up to level 57 vip juste in 4  month WOW I feel superman enjoying everything there games.. in that day in 2018-05-26 I mean last 7 day ago   I win 30.000.00$ FINALY ! IS WAS ABOUT TIME :) soooo whit that all patience   and lot courage YES that will help my father medicaments because he was sick in hospital in Toronto my family say withdrawal all you money and go see you father in hospital. , yess 4 month like patience like hero. Now trying to cash out all my money but i have only 1 have small option 4000$ max to cash out ? why i dont realy know but I was vip lvl 57 always nice whit them . ,my 4000$ was on  pending already for 4 day ,very long big stress now I decided to  using support chat conctact them i say if my 4000$ on pending are ok for now, of course I go 26.000.00$ left on my account ....started to go support chat  whit them , they said is not still not aprouved i say WHAT SO CONFUSE ! 4 month happy play whit there websites on leovegas  they was treat me well of course they give me generous bonus also i was feel loyal to them and enjoy all games .also I was left  the rest of the money on balance was 26.000.00$ can dollard is mean around 20,104.39$ USD left but they wont pay me over 100 excuse only for 4000$ on pending OMG ONLY FOR 4000$ NOw my head started to be crazy . in the time my mom call me that my father are seriously in danger mention me he not have lot time to stay alived anymore on hospital for cancer i say omg i did know that :(:(......btw I send over 50 document legal also they have all my information i am scared of them to hacking me maybe they will kill me ?, of course after 300 deposit aprouved and 0 withdrawal:(:(:(:( i feel is not great not even accepted 1 withdrawal and my account was verified good. I was thinking if my account was verified that  was easy to cash out  because I send my id  identification on canada quebec montreal to get aprouved to make sure they will  pay me. now I am started feel like something was choc or electrique broken in my head that make me  become like crazy started now  on head mental very seriously stress yess a lot stress started to  get mad I send the document what they need to cash out my money of course i go back in my branch bank direct  4 time in a roll since day to talk to the general manager that leovegas need that last document and the manager on the bank great whit me are started to created  my special paper are making special request urgent that specialiste paper signe frome my manager general on my bank finaly I send the document  to leovegas in the next 3 seconde......... they banned locked my account not fair ? I feel rip off help SOMEONE HELP ME.........AND NOW whit lot stress and patience for my money... In that day  yes in that day OMG  my father pass away 7 now :(:( day ago juste before they lock my account , I dont know what to do I feel not having hope to get that that money back for  my father die in the time they won pay me losing my head head now in choc and  block in my head my father die same time they lock my account ... I feel losing my head I am crazy now should I put end my life end  right no juste because of leovegas  bullshit vurtuel fake money blow mind people  ? that was after should I kill myself to make leovegas put them down what can I do please I am innocent I am juste normal people fair play safe . my father DIE ND ma ccount is block omg all money disappears because is fake money ? ........... really need help someone to put down leovegas please.

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When you made your account with leovegas, if you where 100% truth about your info and use your own Visa/skrill/bank to deposit, there should not be any problems to withdraw. 

Take all your e-mail/chat/screen shots with leovegas and make a complaint to askgamblers or other site, try to put it in a clear time line so ppl can understand what has happend. 


Hope it resolves. 




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Sorry to hear about your father.

We can sense the feeling of dread in your text.

Do not do anything silly and just calm down for a moment.

Leo vegas is one of the top casinos and there are a lot of people affiliated with them here.

If you have not broken any terms then you will get your money.

Trust me i have had money taken from me.. not from leovegas but from another site , But i did break the rules.

As long as everythings ok they will pay you.

Dont give up hope. Peace!!!

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