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Most insane moment of my life caught on stream [1488x]


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A viewer requested that I would play Jack and The Beanstalk on stream and this happened on the first spin! Cannot believe that something like this could happen to me. I am literally shaking right now. This will ultimately allow me to do what I love, to stream <3

Check the VoD on my channel if you guys are interested. DISCLAIMER: I swore a lot when it happened ;) 




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3 hours ago, David Labowsky said:

Sickest run ever!! This bonus in particular.. damn man.. How did you sleep? :D

Sleep? You really think that I got any sleep after that stream? ;) Waking up and realizing that you have won such a large amount of money is insane. Thanks for all the congratulations guys <3 <3 


3 hours ago, Nick said:

That's insane!!

It's so fun when you catch something like this on stream :D


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23 minutes ago, SpinMeUp said:

So, is it legal in your country to gamble under the age of 18? ;-) ;-)

I just went through your stream, such a good run, nice hits.. Game of Thrones before, and then this monster.. wow, just wow. 
Luck always strikes in a row..

Every time someone says that ;) I am actually soon 19 years old. Thanks for checking out the stream man, I really appreciate it <3

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