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Andy Fox

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Was lowrolling for fun and had made a initial deposit of 100kr. 

When I came down to 3.90kr  had autospinns on,   on 2kr bet this happens on my last spinn I had expanding wilds activated

It start to spin and I hear DING  DING DING  and I see thoose 3 wilds and the premium symbol and my heart just raises im like YEAAAAH im back. Then ofcourse as allways with my luck nothing happens it just stays like that and a popup comes up INCUFFIENT FUNDS. and I have 1.90kr left :S

I do belive this should be a pretty ok win even tough it was just 2kr per spinn :P 

I dont know what happened really if it was my balance that was delayed on the casino so I got a extra full spinn or if it was something else but the casino have sent it on to yggdrasil. But I still find it funny since this is just my normal luck. :D Never seen this happen tough that it just spinns the last spinn and show me a pretty good win and nothing happens.  Anyone else with a similar experience haha :D great drinking story tough!


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4 hours ago, Skylined87 said:

Excuse my bluntness, but didn't you say you quit gambling? :) And this error might just have been a 2kr bet on 1,90 balance. It does the spin but then says insufficient balance if I'm not mistaken.

I quit high rolling couldnt stay away 100% in the end so i play alot less than before and moore controlled. :)

Like you can see i do 2kr per spinn instead off 100 per spinn. :P

The funny thing is that this was the spinn on my screen that was from 3.9 to 1.9 not  1.9->error.


But might be a delay because it actually did the whole spin and i heard a ding for every wild and after that when it tried to spin again got inncufient balance.


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Now had a answer that it was probably the graphics that didnt follow as it should have wich is rare but the last spin was a no win. 

Now I'm properly happy I wasnt high rolling anymoore on a like 100kr spin+ that would actually felt really bad. But now I can take it with a good laugh. :D

My next 100kr deposit session will be in 2-3 weeks hopefully I can come back with a good win then instead haha. :D

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