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Fruit Warp - How big can you go?


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I think the other day Kim mentioned on stream the 'potenziale' of this machine so I was curious to apply the 'infinite monkey' theorem to try figure out the max win.

In summary the theoretical max win is 68052 times your stake.  Unfortunately, thunderkick definitely weight the freespins so perhaps this isn't really possible at all, however, if we assume every combination is possible on every spin then I think my figure is correct.

I wonder what the biggest win thunderkick have ever seen in their testing?  They posted this x 5000 on their website recently....I assume that's a big deal for them so I can only assume it's very rare.



Here is my working:-



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I've just realised it's actually a little higher as the final multiplier starts at 16 and not 8 once the bonus game kicks in.

Max win is 73188 your stake instead.  Admittedly that win is almost so remotely possible that it's practically impossible but that's the theory at least.  I wonder what a realistic top end might be though?

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