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Does anyone else think there is a greater influx of new slotting games that despite being good payers are very badly designed and laggy like for example Merkur games. despite the majority of bonuses being good the actual game play is really bad with reels jumping and lagging.

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My theory is that some of the bigger providers on land based that also make online games (such as Merkur) tend to focus on "re-creating" the feel of the land based slot, even though that also mean that it does not feel as smooth as some of the other providers.


It seems to be a huge difference across Game Providers in terms of visual quality, and for some reason the ones with "bad" quality tend to be the ones with the best math behind them.

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Not all of new games has bad design

I saw a lot of thematically games, and they have a good design. I try to find them for you, then add to this message)

I think it's most depend on by casino owner, they want to earn a little more, that's why we can see economy on their gamer's

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