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Terms and conditions on bonus.


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I have stopped taking bonuses on deposit when it seem that casinos are making all effort to maximise winnings at all cost. Seem the terms and conditions are updated every month to find new loop holes to take the customers winnings.  Is the competition between the rival casinos so fierce that they need to use this new T&C to stay alive? 

One of the big disadvantage for a customer is that i cant use the gamble button on my winnings. So if i win 3£ and i gamble it 2 times (and win) i get 12£ i breach the T&C. That counts as a spin over the T&C rules. Today i was looking at a casinos T&C and found this. -maximum bet while playing with bonus money €3 per bet. 

So try to meet the wager on bonus money seem to be harder and harder, even if you manage to meet the wager you may get fck (did read it on askgambler) when a person who had won big and made the wager in all T&C rules. After done all wagering he started to play bigger, after a while he did make a withdraw and was declined. The casino did take his money saying that you need to withdraw all your money after the bonus is done, before you start to bet more then the T&C rules says. 


Its a wild wild west on the T&C front, just need to read and research before taking any bonus. 


Do you still take bonus when depositing?



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I do agree that at some casinos the wagering requirements are quite ridiculous. However, we can't do anything regarding that as players, the only option is that we read the T&Cs. And also, do research on the casino you're about to play on - either askgamblers / casinomeister / or ask here :) It's fun to take bonuses from time to time - myself I don't take them regularly as I like the freedom to bet and do as I please.

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