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Cash&Pizza Raffle TONIGHT!


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Tonight it´s time for a somewhat bigger raffle in my strem. I´ve had an amazing month, and I want to share some of the happiness and joy it has given me!

Total Price pool consists of €100 cash, 100 FreeSpins and a PIZZA :D 

10 Players will receive €10 each, Paysafe or Skrill

10 Players will receive 10 Freespins each on the Casino I´ll be streaming for

Top Price to one Lucky Winner: A MAJESTIC PIZZA! Don´t worry, if you win, we will find a site where we can order a really nice pizza for you! 

This will all be raffled out over 3 different raffles at different times in my stream. The stream will "sneak-start" around 19-20 and officially starts at 22.00. When do we end? I can´t say, you simply never know when you find yourself in the casinomon-channel! 


Hoping to see  lot of friendly faces tonight! 


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