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Roulette strategy


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Dear community,

I will be participating in the EU roulette championship in Malta held at the end of this month. I am not a big roulette strategist and won the ticket through a draw. I am therefore here to ask for advice on a strategy. The tournament will be held as follows: Players will be put into heats, upon which they will be given a set amount of chips. There will be one table, and the minimum bet will increase over the course of the Championship. The players will be knocked out one by one until we have a winner. (https://www.casinoeuro.com/en/blog/news/european-championship-of-roulette)

Kind regards,

Michiel Witting




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Thanks for your post LetsGiveItASpin(jament).

Min-betting Red Black seems like a good starting strategy. Then progressing onto things like the James Bond Strategy (https://www.redblackwin.com/roulette-guide/james-bond-strategy/) to lower the volatility throughout higher bets. The strategy gives you a 65% hit rate with decent profits. Only when the numbers 1-12 hit you will be losing chips.

Another option is to play 4 or 5 of these sessions (http://www.outsidebet.net/best-roulette-strategy-optimal-results/) . It pays 7:1 upon completion of 6 bets, all with high hit rates. This will lower the volatility and keep you in for a longer time.

Would the strategy of the other players be a factor to take into account?

Michiel Witting

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