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Roulette Strategies


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found this on youtube the other day and was curious if anyone has tried it.  Used Fake money and it worked great but not quite confident enough to risk real money does is sound reasonable or is it just fake math and it is just 50/50 no matter how you state it? 

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I've tried it. it does work, but not every time. At least you will hit one of those 7  alternative premonitions right.  i've started with £30 deposit and got it up to about £90-£100 within about 15-20 mins. What I've found is that a lot of the time you are working on a reverse premonition, as its very common to get 4 of the same colour in a row. its also very common to get streaks (many of the same colour in a row) which he tells you not to bet against. I've gone against this and done it a few times. sometimes it works sometimes not. Like he states in either this or one of his other videos its a lot of waiting for the sequence to start to repeat so you play against it.

it is a system that works very well with the martingale theory along side. A few times I've done tests with it using roulette videos its taken me from £50 - £310 within minutes.

What i also found fascinating apart Charlies roulette strategy is his approach to gambling, treating it like a business and having a long term process for building your winnings. It where the majority of us fail.

As far as him charging , he does say its to cover the time taken to replay to emails etc , which i guess is fine. But to be honest all you need is take a screenshot of the form he uses and make your own, would  probably take 20 mins...

But overall its the best roulette strategy i've come across, but of course as its only a 2;1 pay out.  You have to have the patience to let your balance grow.

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I thought about this strategy for quite a long time and came to the conclusion that it probably isn't any better than a normal martingale strategy. Since you are anyway going to bet a maximum of 5 consecutive spins following the Martingale, I would think that considering the past 9 numbers just makes it seem that you have better odds, but actually you still have about 1/32 chance to lose all your money. 

The Youtube video has quite a lot of positive feedback, although reading some of the comments the comments seem a bit " set up". And if the math works like a normal Martingale, most of the people will see good results for some time before hitting the unlucky streak and losing all of it. 

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it could be...im going to play around with this strategy a bit more. before coming to any final conclusions. ive just done a couple of sessions just watching auto roulette and regular computer roulette. i would definitely stay away from them if you want to play this strategy. i never play on them anyway as i don't trust them. So only play on a live dealer table as the guy suggests.

The major downer i find with this strategy is that it so boring! it's not fun to play....it's a lot of sitting about waiting for a pattern to pop up. i don't know how the hell he manages to do it for hours , i can manage 30 mins at the most. There is also another strategy which he says he uses all the time rather than the one he shows in the videos. so i'm interested to see if he will show that.

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Yes it is very tedious and boring Klemay83 i agree. I guess you might as well get an online job inputting data and make the same amount of money haha.  Thanks for the input I didn't even think anyone was gonna respond to this topic.  I love roulette but am just trying to figure out a way for it to be a little less risky on a small bankroll but this does not seem like a very fun betting system.


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Put 2000DKR.- on number 10, hit number 10. Ez win, Ez life :)

Btw ran 500kr.- up to 100k withdraw.


Placed 100kr on my 5 numbers to start with,  did that 3 times in a row, where I hit... and it just went from there.. Last bet on the screen, is straight up 2k on only 10, lucky xD


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Right, played this strategy for another couple of days now, i didn't do a video because literally it would be the most boring thing on Earth to watch and it takes forever with this strategy to get anything from it. Especially if you do very small bets as i was doing starting with a £25 deposit.

i'm not convinced overall on it...

On average if you play this theory you will hit 3 of the reversed sequence that you bet on , so if you were playing R B R R B, you might hit 3 of them, but you don't know which 3 which is why you need to do the martingale theory with it.

i also did a test of just thinking of a random sequence as long as it wasn't the same as the previous 7 sequence of colours, but not the reverse of them. Not alot of difference....i would still on average hot something right, but overall i did lose more rather than playing an exact reverse pattern... Not sure if there is anything in that other than i just had bad luck..


i think if you start with a low deposit balance then this isn't such a great strategy , but then again playing anything on a casino with a small bankroll is just gonna land you in hot water and your gonna loose...That's the way a casino works.

The guy who post these videos has a balance in all the videos of around $1000, so yeah you have money to have a reserve to use the martingale system there so its more likely that using this method and betting on single variable of red or black that when you hit you'll get a bigger win with  a bigger doubled up bet. 

It's also interesting to see that in one video he says "win $50 and hour" and in another one he says $800 per day (which he bases on 8 hours), so why is it now double the hourly amount?

However, i do absolutely agree with his philosophy of playing, and having the ability to let you balance grow, and to treat it as a long term thing. Being happy happy to play for an hour or so and walk away with maybe only $20, $30, $40 . and let your balance grow bigger. The pitfall we all fall into is just keep playing, chasing the wins until we lose everything. so that ideology of his was an eye opener for me for sure and has made me rethink my playing.

Anyway...to cut a long story short and to re-cap, i'm not sold on this method at all. i don't think it offers any advantage on getting a higher edge over the house.


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Interesting topic. However, reading it made me giggle, because roulette is as random as slots. Or throwing a dice with 6 numbers on it. Outcome will be always different. I do however have suspicion regarding the speed of the ball being throw and the magnets. I've heard once from one of the croupies at live casino that they have 3 different speeds at which they throw the ball. And sometimes ball bounces so oddly it really makes you question if there is a magnet in play... but I guess we'll never know :)

So keep in mind, treat roulette with caution just like slots as everything tends to be random.

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Argghhhhh this thread is sooo frustrating. I am familiar with roulette on a good enough level, but not when it comes to all the terms. I feel I have something to add, but it might come out wrong using the wrong terms. Anyway, I´ll give it a try. 

I basically don´t buy any roulette strategy whatseoever. It´s a wheel with 37 numbers, it does not start somewhere, it does not end, it´s infinity objectified. With that said, within infinity, there is room for any possible outcome from any possible strategy and even if the outcome confirms the strategy 7 days a week, it´s not enough to establish it as a profiting way of playing roulette. I think that if you want to beat roulette, you need to focus on the "not so" infinite parts of it. The table itself, or the bias of each table basically. Now to put this in words, what I mean is that every spin on that roulettewheel, every day that passes by, will make small small micro adjustments to the randomness of that wheel. Over time, some of these adjustments might resonate and after a while you can start seeing some numbers being over-represented in a series of 10.000 spins. If you can spot a table like this, if you always play at the same "live roulette" table and you know they are not rotating every day, betting on the winning numbers should make you profit in the long run, as long as you know what table/wheel you are playing at. This is of course more for the landbased casinos, but it should be possible to apply to some extent even in live roulette online. Also, the way you would be playing here, is extremely boring. Very few and low bets, on the same numbers, over and over and over again, some times missing the first 50 spins without a single win. So you need some bankroll to cover the investment as well. 

The only other way I would believe you can actually profit, is patterns in where the number lands depending on where it last landed. Sometimes you can see a repetitive pattern here, even if it´s not identical each time, it can get very close. It all comes down to the croupier throwing the same ball with the same speed, movement and intervalls over and over again. Something the casinos try to avoid happening by changing croupiers frequently. However, if you spot these patterns and start using it to predict the next coming number, a bet on this number and its neighbours has many times given me a really good session.

As for betting strategies based on %-ages and what numbers to bet on etc, I don´t believe any of these works. You can play around with the numbers all the way you want, but in the end, the theoretical winrate cant possibly become more than 0.98 (?) no matter how you bet.  



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Right, thought i would pick up on this thread again, just because I've been playing around with this "strategy" for about a week again.

Overall i'm up, by a really good amount. i did a £30 deposit and i'm currently sitting at £300...

What I've found to be beneficial in playing this method is the following:

  • Play it on Speed Roulette wheels...much faster although you do need to think fast and look out for possible upcoming patterns to bet against.
  • Do not play for more than an hour at a time, i mean it...don't do it...After 50 mins- 1hr of play if you are up walk away and take a break...if you are down definitely walk away.
  • Set really strict limits and stick to them.. i aimed to try and get £40 per day of playing and so far that is working out.
  • Don't use the Martingale theory until you have a really secure amount as a balance maybe £500-£600.
  • Don't play if you are tired (although this goes for playing on casinos in general)
  • If you have a decent enough balance and you are waiting for patterns to appear every now and again stick a 0.5-1 chip on 0, just incase it hits.
  • Try where possible to play against an 8 cycle pattern.

like i said i started with £30 and mostly fluctuating between doing £2.50 -£4.50 bets with 0.5 on 0, when i got to around £180 i would occasionally do £6-8 size bets with £1 on )

there is still an element of luck to it, in betting against the patterns...i was at £200 and lost it all the way down to £70, and had to work pretty hard to get it back up to where it is now.. So its good to go in , get what you want and get out and take a break.

If you have set a daily limit and you have surpassed it it well within your daily playing time then just leave it and walk away, come back the next day or a couple of days later.

Anyway that's my findings so far. i do believe the mathematics of it, but there will still always be an element of luck to it. even if you might be minimising it.


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