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New section? 1000x


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@Atlantis7 and @Li_Shang ; I think you both have really good points here. A exclusive section for the "hall of fame" wins would not hurt, but we don´t want the risk of taking attention from the normal big-win thread. I am thinking that a section for 1000x wins would do just that, as li_shang is worried about. But what if we set the limit higher? 2500x or 3000x , basically a balanced limit for these "hall of fame" wins that makes sure there arent 3 posts a day, rather 1 or 2 big wins weekly so that you would still go to the normal big wins section to get your daily dose of amazing slotwins. Wouldn´t that be a really good compromise taking both of your opinions in consideration?



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On 14/03/2017 at 0:04 PM, Skylined87 said:

We have added the Epic Wins section now. We agreed on 1000x + as they are not that easy to come by :) Time to show your wins there!

I really think 2500-3000x would be better here buddy, still getting 1000x wins uploaded every other hour here :D This community is simply to good to be true when it comes to delievering those insane hits ;D

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