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Canada and LeoVegas: What you should know.


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Canada and LeoVegas: What you should know.

First of all, I like watching Kim (LetsGiveItASpin) on Twitch and I like the extra goodies he can get for his players.

I think LeoVegas is a good casino for Europe; but when it comes to Canada, it is not so good.

1) Deposit options are limited for Canadians. And beware; chat support will tell you that you can use Skrill to deposit. If you do that, your Skrill account will be closed immediately as it is illegal for Canadians to deposit with Skrill on gambling sites.

2) I used my credit card to deposit; but when it came time to withdraw; they could not put the money back on my credit card. The only option was a bank transfer. To do so, I had to scan multiple documents in order to be verified (not a very fun process).  But after a few tries I finally got approved.

3) It took over a week for the international bank transfer to arrive in my account. And it came with a surprise; I was charged a $35 bank fee for the transaction.

4) The slots you can play are not clearly mentioned in the terms; so you have to make your own research on the net to find that all Novos, WMS, Netent and some others are banned for Canadians.

5) You will not get the initial free spins with the first deposit. You will get an additional bonus instead. Not bad, but it should be clearly mentioned in the terms.

So here is the story in short:

I deposited $20 from my credit card and got the initial bonus.
I ran the balance up to $170.
I withdrew the $170 using an international bank transfer after being verified.
More than a week later I received $135 in my bank account.

All in all I made $115 ($170 - $35 bank fee - $20 deposit)

By the way; support told me that they were "working" a solution for Canadians to be able to use credit cards for withdrawal. Until then you will have to live with a $35 bank fee for cashouts.

I wish this information was clearly mentioned in the terms but it is not. Oh and I also tried Casumo; but they are even worse than LeoVegas for the financial transactions.

If there are Canadians here and you have better up to date information; I'll be glad to hear it.


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I appreciate the info...I'm in Canada and just setting up to do some streaming but haven't got into the banking process..  Info like this is good to know as it helps people avoid the unknowns and answers basic questions we all have..


Much appreciate your post and info


Tom Green

Ontario, Canada


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Ok, that's unacceptable. If you do a bank transfer as a private person from your European to a Canadian bank account it will cost you very little or no fees at all (especially for an amount of 170$). This must have to do with the payment processor Leovegas uses who is charging such astronomically high fees. I have to say though to be fair that I find Leovegas to be among the best in the industry (live in Germany). Bank transfers are with my bank account within 20 minutes after approval during bank working hours (no joke!) - Trustly, payments are sent from a bank account in Finland. Withdrawals are approved within few hours and bank transfer is always free of charges. I got my own kind account manager on lvl 20 (don't know if that is normal or because I am ahead thousands on Leovegas) The site layout is nice and they offer a wide variety of slots (love Yggdrasil) 

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3 hours ago, LetsGiveItASpin said:

@EpicMegaRun if they're that bad it's better to tell Canadians not to play on Leo/Casumo. 

Well if the conditions are still the same; then it would be hard to recommend those casinos to Canadians.

What I don't understand is that I have money on almost every poker site available to Canadians and I have no problem at all with financial transactions back and forth on my credit card.

I thought for sure LeoVegas/Casumo, being in the top casinos, had my back on this one. But I was wrong.


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