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When a casino's security & finance dept. fail


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Player X likes to gamble online and always looks for casinos he hasn't played in because he prefers to play with (welcome) bonusses.
The other day he finds a fancy looking casino he did not know despite the casino apparently being one of the industrys big players.
He loses his 1st deposit of 60 EUR + bonus money within half an hour.
Afterwards he deposits again for 270 EUR + 270 EUR in bonus money. He gets his balance up to 1.000 EUR and then steadily goes down to 200 EUR. At this point he tilts and increases his bet size degenerately. He hits a nice 1.000 EUR win and stops. X was of the opinion that he would be allowed to bet a certain % of his bonus. After checking on terms again he realizes that he was not and that he exceeded the bonus max. bet by twice the allowed amount. Everyone who is familiar with bonus playing in online casinos knows that this is an absolute no-go and in almost any case will have all winnings confiscated.
X was disenchanted. Well aware that he would not be able to cash in anyway he continued playing and bet the max. allowed amount. Eventually he got his balance up to 3.500 EUR when wagering was finished.

Despite being 100% sure that he will at best receive his deposit back (if at all) he requested two withdrawals
2.000 EUR to his credit card
1.500 EUR to his bank account
and sent in the required verification documents.

The next day X is shocked in a positive way to find both of his withdrawals "approved".
Three days went by and X did not receive any payment. He believes the casino has recognized its mistake and stopped the payment. He writes an email and tells the casino that he hadn't received his withdrawals so far. Two hours later X received an answer telling him that the withdrawal to his credit card has been processed successfully but the payment to his bank account failed. The amount was put back in his casino account and he is asked to request that amount to be withdrawn to his credit card as well. So X requests another withdrawal of 1.500 EUR, now to his credit card.  The next day X checks his credit card and his bank account. He received three payments
2.000 EUR to his credit card
1.500 EUR to his credit card
1.500 EUR to his bank account (which according to casino "could not be processed")

X received a total amount of 5.000 EUR despite only have won 3.500 EUR which should have never paid to him in the first place since he breached the casinos bonus terms.
X is extremely happy but also afraid the casino might charge his credit card without his permission if the casino realizes its mistakes.
Coincidentally the same evening X went to a bar and lost his wallet containing his credit card. He immediately calls his bank who block his card from any further transactions and provide him with a new card including a new credit card number.

X has absolutely no remorses considering this industry mostly lives off people being addicted. He is just extremely surprised a (huge) casino could fail at so many stages.
(Numbers have been slightly changed, all the rest happend exactly this way to X.)

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