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Was wondering why casino grounds needs to know my profile info when signed up


CasinoGrounds Has some account access, including Google+, basic account info
Authorization date: August 24, 2017
Know your age range and language
Basic account info
View your email address
View your basic profile info
Additional access
View your language preferences
View your approximate age
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Hi @scbaird1234!

From our Privacy Policy:

If you are using Google+ login on our forum – https://casinogrounds.com/forum please be advised that by signing up or signing in with Google+ account, the information you will provide us with is:

  • Your age range
  • Language
  • Google e-mail address


By accepting the Google consent screen on signing up to the forum, you agree to provide us with the information mentioned. The information will only be used for login and analytical purposes.

That is the information obtained from logging into with Google+, that's why it needs to access your basic profile info. The data that is gathered is completely anonymized.

Hope that clears it up.

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