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when i started to play on rizk casino i usually got a lot of deposit bonuses. now i am a ``loyalty member`` and recieves 10 cashback weekly. and when i got to be a loyalty member i stopped winnning because i never got anymore bonuses from the site, even when i asked they said no. im just wondering why i stopped getting deposit bonuses, anyone had the same problem on rizk? havent had a cashout since february now due to R.I.P master rizk 



so does anyone have suggestions on any site that wont break my balls completely? ( give bonuses often)

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After they started with RIZK RACE they stopped giving randomly deposit bonuses. My guess is that the race and the prizes makes people want to deposit even without bonus.

In general you dont get deposit bonuses because the casinos wants to give you money, they do when they need people to deposit (meaning the over-all deposits are going down, they must do this to turn it around).

I used to get weekly deposit bonuses from LeoVegas before, but not for the last 2 months... I guess they at the moment their cashflow in is good and there is no reason to give out bonuses.

And regarding winning: i've had months running hot on RIZK, then for months i didnt win anything at all, and back to "normal" with wins and losses. hot and cold streaks can happen on a sertain casino and ALL casinos...

playing on casino you're always playing with lower odds, for your information :)

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