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Need help with some math (Betsafe tournament is either wrong or rigged)


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Ok, i need somone who is good at math, because i belive there is something wrong with Betsafe's point system in their tournaments. At least i hope they are wrong, or else i belive the scoreboard is rigged.

Betsafe is currently running daily tournaments where you can win bonus money. You can find all info about it here: https://www.betsafe.com/no/casino/turneringer

(change language in top if you want to read in your prefered language, but this tournament is only available for nordic people, so if you're in other countries you wont see the torunament info.)

The points are generated during your 20 best spins regardless of your betsize.

Today JOKER PRO is the game to play, and i started to play right after midnight last night, and just after a few spins i managed to get a HOT SPOT win, wich is max win on the slot, 1000x. My first thought was that i'm most sertainly going to top the scoreboard now! But no. I check and i have just over 200 points, and i notice there is another user who have 1165 points. I'm thinking WTF, and if max win on joker pro means 200 points, how the fudge can someone get 1165? That must mean that this person got 5 hot-spot wins + other big wins during 20 continuous spins, and that within 30 minutes after the tournament started. Does that sound legit?

I've spoken to live chat + e-mails during today, and tried to explain the situation, but sometime i feel support doesnt have any clue about slots, replying that "they have checked and the scoreboard is correct", and they keep telling me how the rules of the tournament is, but when i ask how someone can get 1165 points when obviously 200 points is max in one spin, they dont even answer it. I've been told it's handed over to another department, but i've been waiting the whole day and i havent heard from them.

So, what do you people think about this? Even if it's possible in theory, someone will never get 1000x wins 5 times within 20 spins on JOKER PRO. We all know that.

This is what support said:

100 * [ ( (win1/bet1) + (win2/bet2) + ... + (winN/betN) ) / number of rounds ]

This is my 20 best round connected before/after my hot-spot win:



How many points will i have?


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Ok, so there is an update in this matter @SuperSmask and i'd love to get you view on this.

Today i got an reply from Betsafe where they still claim that my points are correct, and this is how they calculate:

Uträkningen som gjorts är följande: (0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0.52-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0.84-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(0-0.21)+(209.06-0.21)+(0.21-0.21)+(0-0.21) = 206.43 spelarpoäng.
Anledningen till att du fick 208 poäng är på grund av valutaväxling, poängen räknas i euro.

So, this is totally different way to calculate the points than i was told in the first place. If you put that formula into this online calculator, it seems correct: http://www.calculator.nu/

But this is where it gets interesting. Why on earth do they convert NOK to EUR? I mean, it doesnt matter what currency you play in, as long as the betsize is "2" and the win is "2", if its NOK or EUR it's still 2.

My first thoughts are that the currency exchange is wrong and messes with the calculations. Let's say i did play 2 euro bets instead of 0,21 euro (or 2 kr, and btw, why is the currency exhange 0.21 and not 0.2???)

(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(5-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(8-2)+(0-2)+(0-2)+(2000-2)+(2-2)+(0-2) = 1975 points

So, this is how the points would have been if i played 2 EUR instead of 0.2 EUR. 1975 points would make sense. I'd have around 810 points more than the winner had.

But the very interesting part is "what if i played at 4 EUR?"

(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(10-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(16-4)+(0-4)+(0-4)+(4000-4)+(4-4)+(0-4) = 3950 points

So this is where i think it's gone wrong. If this really is the correct formula they are using, you get more points the higher bets you get. But the tournament rules says that its the average spins over 20 rounds based on your betsize.

So where they use minus instead of devided, it sure goes wrong. I think here is the answer. If you used win devided on betsize, you would get the same result no matter your betsize. How can they not see this???

Am i wrong on this, or am i into something here?

Any view on this from a PRO player @LetsGiveItASpin ?? :D:D

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