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Greetings from the GamblerIdiot


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Hi guys,

long time lurker, watch streams of Kim, Nick and the bandit on a daily basis.... 12 year online gambler... 

check out my YT channel, no comments just some wager battes, big wins and occasional 0-5x bonuses...

Usually i play on the slots on one window and watch the streams on the other....

Enjoy my recent ht



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Hi skylined,

indeed i am, still waiting for that 20€+ hit with fullscreen fire or water bonus wilds. I often use Elements for wagering. I know usually it pays 10x - 50x in the bonus. But there are the occasional 200-500x and one time i have a 2100x on 4€ (which i didnt record)... It has burned me often as well though.

I ll keep you guys posted, will upload another vid later 100x on 20€ bet :)  

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Hello Gambleridiot! 

Such a nice bonus to see! It´s funny how we both seem to enjoy elements, it´s one of my all time favourite games and the first game I ever played €10+ bets on. It actually has one of the lowest RTPs among NetEnt games, yet I can´t stop feeling anything but love towards this game! 

I will check out your youtube channel right away and am looking forward to see more of your videos here as well :)


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