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what is your slot THEORY?


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do you have any theorys about certain slots? like "7 teases = one bonus" or something like that? ill post one of mine.. 



in book of dead, if you get a microlag after clicking "spin" which seems out of place, its usually a tell that you will get the bonus within a few spins. i found this out after playing the slot with a MX master mouse, where i have set up a button to double click. if it lagged so much that the double click didnt trigger the "stop" function, usually the bonus will hit right after.. 

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I think everyone know's about this one, but on jack and the beanstalk you sometimes get a "pling" after landing two scatters, if you hear that sound it means that you will get a third scatter and land the bonus. 

Apart from that I've noticed on dead or alive (probably because this is the only slot I do many thousands spins on without changing slot) that if you go many hundred's of spin's without getting the bonus you will get multiple bonuses pretty frequent when you first start to land the bonuses, makes sense though as I've probably gone over the amount of spins that you theoretically have to do to get the bonus, and therefore I all of a sudden end up with free spins frequently for the game to even out maybe? I'm guessing this goes for a lot of different slots, but dead or alive is the only one I've noticed it on as I've played many thousands of spins on it without changing slot. 

So if you've just gotten the bonus after a lot of spins without anything it's worth going on a for a little bit after the bonus :) 

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