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Hey there guys after an absolutely epic month i decided to try and carry on the luck at a different casino, so i made an account at Energy Casino and was offered '100% deposit welcome bonus up to £250'

So i took full advantage of the bonus and deposited £250... So i check my balance and it says £452, strange! As there was no deposit fee on my debit card. So I contacted customer support live chat and the nice gentleman Daniel (Team Leader) told me that the bonus money had converted into Euro's and it's 'the first time this has happened' and told me i had to contact customer support again and i quote 'when your balance gets to 0' and they will credit another £40 in bonus money.

I mean come on, i was a new customer depositing the maximum i can with the bonus and that's all the response was. I really don't like to put casino's down (or anyone in fact) but this really boiled my piss. I deposited in GBP's so i expect a bonus to be able to play with in GBP's too, not Euro's :( 

Anyway sorry for rambling on, i thought i would just share this experience with you guys as i do read reviews of casino's before i join them and this experience would really put me off signing up.

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