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  1. I'm sure they will release a new wheel game in 2024. It will have 1000 different segments in a wheel, and 500 different spots to bet with 100 different bonuses. You can have one spin and then you have to do a new deposit... lol. Please somebody make some meme picture about that...
  2. guys do you still play Evolution gaming's wheel games or table games? i think the company is going totally to a wrong direction... these idiots don't realize that we don't need a ***king 3d version of some bonanza slot, but a simple live games that have even decent payouts, and not some rigged shit stuff with full ai player manipulation.
  3. These games are SO BAD nowadays that it makes me puke. I agree that this golden evo goose is dying. They are scamming players without any limits. Their games should be banned everywhere. Such a piece of scam with games full of bugs and clitches that give them freedom to cancel whenever they decide...
  4. This is the worst game ever. I haven't played a penny to it and not gonna play. Watching live on casinoscores now and then. This is also collecting rush hours, like all their wheel games. There is 64 (or something?) areas where the flapper can hit. Crazy time has 54. You have to cover millions different bonuses to get that 8x, so one round cost average 4-8x your bet. So if you bet 5 areas and get 100x, you win basically 20x. I don't know if this the new thing in casino gaming but you have to bet 20e to get that "big win". 10 years ago you had a chance with 1-2e bets, not anymore. Huge wins are 200x nowadays. Sad.
  5. Hi, Does anyone still play these games and manage to win anything?
  6. Does anyone else find it a bit comical that Evolution's Crazy Time pays out the biggest wins in the morning hours or when there are fewer players? It's not sometimes like that, but it's every single time.
  7. John Huxley designs wheels that has a motor. The company has built all the Evolution's wheels. There's a video on John Huxley Youtube-channel where the wheel starts by itself. Does Evolution use motors and rng on their wheel games?
  8. Hi, What's peoples current opinion on these games? I don't get any winnings at all, or basically just 5x-20x stuff all the time. The volatility of the games have been increased mystically. Monopoly keeps on dropping those 5x-20x wins 24h-72h and then hits 100x-200x multiple times in a row. It gets way too expensive to play the games if you never win anything. Maybe it's just time to quit.
  9. Well i think 98% of the players know the game is rigged, it's just you, all the other industry guys and streamers who defend it, it's your money there so let's share some evolution videos once again, enjoy that shit my favorit video on youtube (0:10) look at this shit for gods sake (0:33)
  10. yes, I have lost lots of money to Evo, i have a gambling addiction and that's have nothing to do with this post. you just keep on talking and talking, writing super long posts, nobody cares, and you don't have any facts, just your opinions. you talk about maths but it's just talking. So keep on writing these massive nonsense posts. your opinion became clear now.
  11. You had only opinions moron. youre writing hours and hours of nonsense here but you say you have no time or interest to put the evidence together. because you dont have anything, just your opinions and fanaticism
  12. @joshnadindo you honestly believe that your opinions cancel out the validity of others opinions?
  13. So you try to avoid the idea that there would be no rigged roulette tables in this world. Everything is possible in this world. You are just living in your bubble. I call you ... tinfoil!! 🤣
  14. I meant the specific roulette wheel at 1:50 in the video. So you know well that is not rigged. Good. I trust you.
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