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  1. Slotnite, 254,84x, 0,5€ bet. Has the potential to hit big, but way too volatile for my liking. Often your bonus pays very little.
  2. Casigo, 1092,3x, 0,2€ bet Updated my biggest win on this slot.
  3. nitrocasino, 875,8x, 0,2€ This game just keeps popping some fine wins.
  4. Nitrocasino, 828,9x, 0,2€ bet Upgraded my previous best win, and also just beat guys on top of this post.
  5. Casigo, 367,5x, 0,2€ Quite hard to get bonus on this game, and when you manage to get it, it's not a surprise that you'll end up getting under 10x win. However I feel that you could hit very big on this slot.
  6. 822,6x, NitroCasino, 0,20€ bet. Very fun game that has a lot of potential. I gambled the freespins for more ways once and hit this beauty.
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