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Mobile Dead or Alive... Now gone and more!! :(


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Last night I noticed Dead or Alive was available on the Casumo app on my iPhone, Although it was very late at night, I fired it up all excited and just as I wanted to play it, I realised I had no funds in my account!

I updated the Casumo app this morning and now this mobile Dead or Alive slot is missing. 

To add further insult, the Dead or Alive slot is now also missing on the desktop version of Casumo...

What is going on??

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The UK probably has higher compliance requirements than most other jurisdictions. Could it be possible that it's been pulled from the UK for this reason and somehow netent haven't got the required certifications? If the other casinos follow suit then perhaps this is a reason, which if is the case, suggests new DOA is not identical to old DOA. It's a possibility.

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