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Pimped 3-Line Theory at it´s best!


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I definitly recommend the 1-line version of Pimped for a nice (x)-win the way thats currently being discussed , and managed to have quite a lot of those. But the best one I have recorded was quite recently on 3 lines with 50 cent coin value (€1,50 / spin) . In terms of comeback, this was a really sweet one!

If the picture is not revealing enough, watch the full win on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YUZaCEzxm5Q




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And as I was uploading this, going through todays freespins and campaigns, I did what I always do with any freespin winnings equaling less than €5 , Pimped 1-Line!  I only wish I had started out with 0.50 coin value right away, first spin hit :) Not an impressive win by any means (or well, 150x is pretty damn good after all), but just to show the ones in doubt how this game can turn a ridicolously low balance around and why you should make sure to always make the most out of every cent and not miss out on freebies regularly offered amongst most casinos!




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