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LeoVegas_Tobias says hi!


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Hi everyone!

My name is Tobias and some of you might know me from the stream! 

I've been watching Kim since late 2015, and its been one hell of a ride since day one. 

I can genuinely say that this community is one of the funniest, most loyal and crazy bunch of people I've got to know - and I've been a huge geek since 2003.

For me to be able to call this work is a dream come true, and I'm one of few lucky enough to look forward to work on Sundays (after the high roll that is).

Kim is by far one of the greatest, kindest, honest and I truly consider him as a friend in addition to partner, I've had the pleasure to get to know in my whole life.

I hope everyone keep supporting Kim and make us guys at LeoVegas enjoy helping out for a long time. On that note we love feedback of all kinds from the experts (Yes Gunbritte, this excludes you) in terms of how we can help Kim grow and improve. I might also reward some for feedback as well :)

Also I would like to offer a special deposit bonus to everyone reading this whole thing (100% x35) which you can claim by sending me a PM here with your LeoVegas email, To avoid fraud etc I've asked Kim to verify this post for me :) For those without an account wanting this bonus after their first 4 deposit bonuses, you can make an account through Casinogrounds link here: http://casinogrounds.com/go/leovegas

I hope everyone are enjoying their week as much as I am! 


Best regards,




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Hey guys! 

Thanks for the warm welcome! 

Looking forward to follow the forum more closely :)

The deposit offer mentioned above is valid to claim through tomorrow! 

I'm now going to tune in to the stream from my private account lurking in the shadows, see you guys there :)


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Hey guys! 

I'm experiencing some technical issues from home and on top of this I've been sick the last days. I will get to replying everyone as soon as my systems works again.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for understanding!


Have a great weekend everyone :)

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