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Big Win in Rise of Anubis!


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@Huggehugg congrats hugge 2780 in the bonus.sweet. if you look along the top of the reels just to the right of whare your winnings were sitting you will see a ROW of the symbols that are in the game, they are smaller but in a row. 

 When the anubis symbol lands he turns one of those symbols into wilds as you can see after he has done it.( it stays wild) Example if he turns a king symbol wild then that symbol is wild on the reels. And so on.

So you want anubis to turn up as much as possible and then the more symbols he will turn wild and they stay wild. As you can see hugge more wilds appear on the reels. Giving you better connections, and eventually you got a real sweet connection with the eye symbol connecting accross with wilds involved. I think you will get it hugge. Because i think you will play it more. 

This is the first time i have seen a winning video on rise of anubis but its one of the pleasures of commenting i get to see slots/games i have never seen before. 

It looks a good game hugge. Has huge potential from what i can make out. Thats my first look at it. Super bonus in the end hugge. Well done

 Sorry for such a long comment but i really wanted you to no what was happening with the symbols getting turned into wilds. Really enjoyed the video hugge and your on a good little roll at the moment. Congrats???.

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