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After playing on NY spins i was told to send in Mail on my visa leg an homebill as normal. I hawe som problem whit my mailadress so I hawe to get  a new . The money I was waiting on, was sending back on my accaunte for playing.  This happen ewery  day,   l did  witrawal the casino send it back for playing. 

I wounder how many days i tacke to look on some Mail.  Hawe now waiting for 5 days and the casino  say it is so much to do so it Will tacke some more, how long ther dont can say.  Maybe the team how work whith tis tvings hawe procent in some way, I dont understand why it tacke so long time.


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@Jorgen first of all dont play the money you have, stay strong and dont play it. Second the casino are being a bit funny but for now you have to stick with it and put your trust in the casino to accept your documents. And i hope they do.

Then i would hope you would get notification of your documents being accepted and then withdraw your money and it will go into your bank. 

The casino may not be organized. In a mess,- why its taking so long

It may be the way they just do things. I think for now stay positive and put your trust in the casino to sort your documents out. Dont play your winnings. 

Advice for now is grind through the process your in and lets hope you get your money eventually. I hope the casino are not dodgy, but if they are you may have a problem. 

Let us no how you get on jorgen. Thanks.

I just hope you are not dealing with a bad casino or it may take a while or you may never get your winnings. But try not to think like that for now.

One great thing to do is before you play on any casino is register your documents first. So the casino has it all in front of them,  and when you do make a withdrawl you dont have this problem. Do all the documentation things first...

Just a tip for future reference jorgen.??.

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