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Simple question: why does not all slots count towards wagering?


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I have been thinking about this for a while, you have many different of slots/RTP

1. Live casino/table games - I get it why they dont count for wagering sometimes.

2. Jackpots slot - same 

3. Slots where you have 'continued' play, like the Wish Master - same

4. But now, category 4. At a lot of sites you see that games like steamtower, secret of the stones, etc. etc. are excluded. Does anybody knows why? Also, which slots differs per casino but I take as example Secret of the Stones and Steam cause they seem to  get 'excluded' most of the times.


Just wondering what the reason is, someone?

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Lots are also banned because you can ‘save the bonus’ and people were abusing it.

Storing up the bonus, then leaving the game, finishing wagering or busting on something else and then going back to complete the bonus they stored as the winnings would then be cash.

Also as above RTP and variance. Dead or Alive and 300 shields aren’t allowed for wagering at most places because of the huge wins you can hit

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