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£50,000 Win Batman Begins


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3 hours ago, SpinMeUp said:

First of all, congratulations on that insane win. Enjoy that money*!!! 

*if you get it. You played at supercasino. A predatory casino with ludicrous terms and conditions. It is in casinomeisters rogue pit for good: https://www.casinomeister.com/casino-reviews/super-casino/

Avoid this establishment at all cost. 

This does not look good. OP, please update us how the withdrawal is going

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This doesn't mean that you won't get your winnings at all but it might be a pain in the chest and take some time. I would love an update on this issue as well. 

While you will get your winnings eventually as long as you played according to their terms, Super Casinos is just a very bad casino in general which is why no one should play there considering there are more than enough reputable alternatives. 

Super casino currently hold a huge amount of complaints on AG (https://www.askgamblers.com/online-casinos/super-casino-casino-review/complaints). Though 52 of 59 complaints are resolved. 

The Pogg status of Super casino is "not recommended": https://thepogg.com/casino-review/supercasino/

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@Bluebird1988 congratulations on your win. Beautiful at that 50,000. I hope you have no problems at all getting your money. Its yours and you won it. I am a member at supercasino and yes there will all the T+C's checked, verification again maybe. They will check your win and double check it. They have alot of progressor multi jackpot slots. You have nailed a beauty here. So super duper congrats, fingers crossed you have no problems and bang just like that 50 k is yours my friend. Huge win and i can imagine your reaction.?.

As the posts above have said it would be good to hear how it goes. Were all hoping it goes fine. Super win.???

Also i can see you have just joined us at casinogrounds. Welcome and what a first post to put up. A 50 k win. Enjoy the site. And i hope to see more big or epic wins posted up.???.

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Hey all,

Just to update I received all my money today, they ave me £30,000 yesterday and the other £22,600 today, to be honest ive never had an issue with Super Casino, I think maybe it was better as I didn't win a progressive, it was just the top line payout of £1,000 x50 for the in game multiplier. Very Happy obviously :D


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