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Playboy Full screen wilds ! Unbelievable!!! 60 cent bet


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I just got an orgasmic win on playboy. Couldn't describe it better :D The story behind this incredible win is that i deposited 16 euros on the casino and i was just low rolling with small bets, started with 20 cent bets on falcon huntress and i won a decent bonus on that slot something like 40-50 eur so i raised to 50 cents and won another 90 eur... was up to a 140 eur balance or something when i stopped playing on that slot.

Afterwards i went to Playboy which is a microgaming slot that i've had some luck on in the past but unfortunately i had a dry run of something like 400 + spins without a bonus i was about to give up on Playboy  i decided to stop at 40 eur balance and change slots but afterwards i decided to just try to get a last tease before i leave it and bam.. i FINALLY got the bonus feature after quite a long time of playing it and won the second largest slot win i've ever had which couldn't have come at a better time to be honest. 

I'm still in shock as i'm writing this lol xD i can't fucking believe it xD


edit:something like 8147x win :)



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@Leetzta wow!wow!wow!. Insane win and all from a 16 euro deposit. The first time i have ever seen a full screen of wilds on playboy. What a payout and well deserved. Sounds like you did a bita grinding on other slots before playing playboy. Amazing win and you mentioned it couldnt have come at a better time. That in itself is great to hear. Great pictures, great post, enjoy your winnings and well done????. 

Full screen of wilds wee and i dont see much of on playboy. Tough to get. And you got it, beautiful.?.

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