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KEEP AWAY! Voodoodreams Moneygrab.


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Have been playing on Voodoodreams for about a Year, and deposited over 10k Euros total. The last Month or two they had massive problems with their Withdrawal provider. As a gambler i know that if i cant withdraw money form my account, its as good as gone. Voodoodreams does not informe players that they CANT make a withdrawal when they make a deposit. Think every Casino should do this(dont know if anyone does), as it safeguards players from huge losses after big wins. Just have a massage in the deposit window where it states "our withrawal prosess is not working at the moment, are you sure you whant to make a deposit?". Deposited 500 Euros last night and lost it, Deposited 100 more today to chase the loss, and won back 300Euros.

To my surprise i could not withdraw the money, and 30 min later it was gone.

Stay away from Voodoodreams.

Vent over.

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Wow, thanks for informing me. I've been playing a lot on Voodoodreams the past year, and I've had good experience with cashing out through them. The exception being when Trustly was having issues in December, which delayed a cashout by 10 days or so, and it was annoying that they seem to be fine taking deposits in this period also. I was planning on making a deposit to them over the weekend, but now I see that there is indeed no cashout options available to me either, so perhaps I'll have to go with another site. Have you contacted live support to get information about the cashout options? They've generally been helpful when I've had queries.

I can sympathize with withdrawal issues leading to tilt (did the same when 888 wouldn't process my $700 withdrawal a few months back). If anything similar were to happen in the future, I would strongly suggest contacting support first (if you didn't), and see if you can possibly set up a loss limit/exclusion for the period they expect withdrawals to out of order (the powers of Captain Hindsight are limited though).  

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1 hour ago, Nicola said:

I thought VoodooDreams claimed to have the fastest withdrawals in the business with a 6 minute average?

They did, when they had withdrawal options available. (Although I guess my average time has been closer to 15mins) (... It seems that they now have bank transfer as an available cash-out method, although I don't know if it actually works. When Trustly didn't work they kept showing it as a valid withdrawal method) 

37 minutes ago, jermain112 said:

Stay away, they actively looked for reasons not to pay me out.

How come? It took me less than 1 hour to verify account and process my first withdrawal. What was your situation? 

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