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could anyone help?


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i will keep this short im just looking for some advice and guidence i have recently become unemployed and due to personal reasons im having to stay at home most of the time to look after the little one so i thought i could work from home in the mean time and im just asking does anybody know how to apply for a chat host job? or something similair on any webiste possibly a casino site? and is it worth it? any information is appreciated :) as im having trouble finding things out on the internet.

thank you :)

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The majority of chat host jobs now are in-house due to UKGC laws. I know Gamesys (Virgin, JackpotJoy etc) have some jobs going for hosts at the moment which you may want to look further into.

Industry has become a lot tougher now since the new regulations so anything casino based can't be done from home sadly.

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