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My Multilotto experience


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Some people may recognise my name from viewing various streamers here, hello if you do!


I wanted to share my somewhat mixed experience with Multilotto.


I opened an account in July but didn't ever deposit until 2 days ago. £100 deposit + £300 bonus, 35x wagering. Started off with a £500 win on roulette as table games are allowed but don't count for wagering. Moved onto book of dead, had some enormous hits (biggest single win was £2,285 - full screen of Kings), also had 5 explorers with 3 wilds to trigger the bonus! 


Eventually finished wagering with a balance of £4000.25, so I withdrew it. I sent all my documents across but my withdrawal was rejected and my winnings confiscated. Their reasoning was that I wasn't allowed to win more than twice my bonus amount on table games, I won almost 3 times that. They also said I'd wagered £1,450 of bets over the £10 limit (this was roulette though) so my winnings were void.


I argued with them that it was a genuine mistake - they sent me a spreadsheet of all my bets and all slot bets were within the allowed parameters. I also said if roulette bets don't count for wagering, they shouldn't count for the £10 max bet. They agreed with this, however said I still went over with roulette. I suggested a compromise - deduct the roulette winning (£933) from the £4k and we'll call it quits. 


Multilotto offered me half, which was exactly £2,000, which I accepted. I believe this was a fair offer, and as much as I would LOVE £4k, £2k is better than the nothing I would have originally got as they were partly correct. All I can say is READ THE BONUS TERMS AND STICK TO THEM! I always do but got carried away with table games, that cost me in the long run.


They also advised me that I should have been requested for documents within 96 hours of opening my account, as they failed to ask, they would process the withdrawal and close my account for good.


Multilotto don't have live chat option but their email support is mega fast. Each reply has been around 5 minutes and I'm glad to have come to an agreement with them that suited both parties. My account was reopened to allow my withdrawal request at 8.30am, I requested it at 8.32am, it was approves at 8.41am and I had the funds at 8.55am in my bank account.


Some positives, some negatives. I can't play there any more but I'd still give it a solid 7/10 for the generous bonus, limited freedom of game choice and the quick support and withdrawal. 


Out of interest, what would you guys have done? Taken the 2k? Pushed for 4k? Or would you have accepted the casino's decision to take all the money (I hope nobody says this ;))





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