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Is AI the future of Online Casinos? Pros and Cons

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Lets use this thread to discuss the pros, cons and practical uses of AI in the gambling industry. 

For me i can see several benefits . Firstly, it can improve the customer experience by providing personalized recommendations for games and improve customer support . 

AI Algorithms can help detect potential addiction by analyzing a players behavior and play history , alerting customer support to offer assistance . 

Do you have an examples of AI on a casino ? What positives or negatives do you see ? 

What would you use AI for ?


If you haven't seen Hampus using OpenAi during a short offline video - Check it out here:


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I'd say that although even the most basic of AI's will have a more enticing personality and rock more charisma than your average crypto streamer (:tf:), at least the streaming section of the gambling industry will not be affected, much...

On the other hand, seeing how crazy/chaotic even a chat from a relatively large streamer can get, an AI could easily filter all the text and never miss a thing. Making it possible to let 'all' viewers' have the 'personal' touch or appreciation, if you know what i mean. A lot of supporters/subscribers really seem to like it when streamers they support interact with them, which is of course impossible for a human subject ^.^

And i'm pretty sure there are already some partly AI streams available on twitch and other platforms. I've seen some weird stuff of late. Interesting for sure!


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No doubt humanity now mostly live in virtual reality, creating fake life, fake own image, we interact more with virtual people than in real life, its easier.. Funnier... But I dont think watching AI playing slots would be welcomed by anyone, unless its a fake blonde with big.. Melons 😂 then it could have some audience.. But hey for that we have hot tubs and twitch 😏

AI is not capable to understand human emotions, sarcasm and irony. Can only take everything literally. 

Last year we went to Science and technology event, there were many companies showing their AI solutions. I work in HR, do interviews for companies that hire us. We wanted to see what kind of opportunities using AI technology can bring if it comes to running an interview.  Unfortunately or fortunately, I cant be replaced 😂 

AI because of a lack of recognition of human emotions would be constantly offending human. 

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Bring back underground gambling houses that is what I say, before the whole world goes bankrupt. Apparently the UK has white paper in motion for all UK players, pushing for £2 max bet, and deposit limits according to bank statements, that will put us totally out the game, so they should just ban gambling altogether in the UK, because £2 max bet is not fair in this day and age market , everyone should have same rules applied or nothing. The way it stands now is UK players, can't auto spin or buy bonuses and soon going to be £2 max bet and probs max £100 limit, it's unethical, unfair and dam right insulting to let me play on sites accepting other countries.

it was only a few years ago that £2 bets where quite large stakes and you could actually win off them, not no more though, the bet sizes allowed these days are criminal. The only ones who will benefit from AI is providers, casinos and shareholders as per, the rest of us will get annihilated. The actual thought of them having anymore leverage and power over our game play is terrifying, AI will just help them in making more decisions to generate more profits, and target more young people into the trap, do not be fooled thinking AI is in the players interest. Because the UK would not be putting so many restrictions in place, AI was developed to suck the life and money out of humans, until every last drop is drained. The rich will get richer and poor will get poorer.

RTP is much higher for players who max bet, so if you can not do that find another hobby, or its welcome to hell. 

AI will be able to work out what game your likely to play and stake, before even you have decided with a 98% accuracy that its right...! 

One good thing that can could happen is, casinos be more transparent and publish there data, so that AI can actually tell you, how it is impossible to ever win more than you lose over a certain amount of time, so that you do not have to take years and years of losing and losing more and more and more and more, before the penny drops how they are programmed. 

We all even tell ourselves one day I might just be the lucky one, until after a a few years and you work out how much you have lost, you then realise to win that amount of money is impossible. 

For example I have lost £300,000 over 8 years 

I do mostly 0.5 spins and max win of say 2000x = £1000  (spend that back on same day, plus £400 on top easily)

I would have to hit 300 max wins one after the other to win it back. Well that is impossible right

I have probs hit in the past 10 years those max wins about 5 times


Yep stupid right..! 

"Oi big nose" 'stone him'

(The life of Brian)





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