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Wespin Community Deposit Bonus Hunt [+GIVEAWAY] - NO/FI/CA/NZ ONLY!

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Hey guys,

On Thursday starting 17:00 CET we're doing a community deposit bonus hunt through Wespin.

Wespin will also add €2500 on the community deposit. This means that if we pool e.g. €10,000 together, we will be playing with €12,500.

On top of that they're giving us 2*€1000 freerolls, one of them we'll use Wednesday at 23:30 and one we'll use Thursday at 19:00. We're expecting to start the community bonus hunt at 20:00, that means you can't buy in later than that.

How can I join?
For ComeOn you can sign up with:
Norway here.png
Canada here.png

For MobileBet you can sign up with:
Norway here.png
New Zealand here.png

When you've joined you just click the Wespin tab in the browser and buy in (make sure you pick the right events)



What is a community deposit?
A community deposit is basically we all buy in to a common wallet, then split winnings / losses equally to what we bought in with. We'll do a bonus hunt in this case and then play until we have an even amount, if you want to have certain targets / tresholds feel free to let us know in the comments. Otherwise we'll play until we have an even amount and then cash out.

People have been asking to join a deposit for more than 7 years and now it's finally happening, we're hyped to say the least! 😍


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  • Skylined87 changed the title to Wespin Community Deposit Bonus Hunt [+GIVEAWAY] - NO/FI/CA/NZ ONLY!
17 minutes ago, powerdrivencanada said:

The ComeOn website (in Canada) worked great yesterday.... but it seems like it's crashed for last 12 hours? Anyone else have an issue? I deposited for the group hunt - not sure if it's just me? Ha



Sadly they have been having issues the entire day, been talking with them and hopefully it's resolved shortly.

The Event will most likely go up tonight after stream or tomorrow morning! :D

Super excited!


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