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[GAME PROMO] Tiger's Ice (Alchemy Studios)


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Play Tiger's Ice slot by Alchemy Studios on any of the casinos listed here and submit your big win (screenshot or video) in this topic and win Amazon Vouchers!*


10 x €100 Amazon Vouchers

1. Minimum of 30x win
2. Feedback on the game + what casino you played on
3. Must be played on casinos listed here and posted within promotional period on the forum (please verify game is present on the casino you decided to play on)

*Terms & conditions:
- Promotional period - 13/12/2022 - 19/12/2022 23:59 CET
- This Promotion is organized by CasinoGrounds.
- You will need a verified player account at the casino you submitted the win from.
- Prize draw will take place 20/12/2022 and winners will be credited latest by 05/01/2023, given that all will provide information needed and that their entries are verified. 
- Amazon vouchers can not be claimed in Amazon India
- One prize per person.
- Only real money screenshots/videos accepted as entry (bonus money is allowed if you claimed a bonus).
- Winner(s) must respond within 1 month period from contacting. If not, the prize and the right to claim will be forfeited.
- This promotion is subject to change at any time.
- 18+, GamblingTherapy.org

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Played at Leo Vegas on £0.30 stake.

Quite like this game although base is a little bit boring. I had to wait over an hour to get a bonus (25 scatter teases prior to success). Bonus was well worth it when it arrived (327x), which was fortunate because I was £75 down at that point! Lots of potential in the bonus for it to go bonkers due to the increasing multiplier and potential replacement of winning symbols with wilds (if you are lucky with the pre-bonus wheel spin).

Just happy to get out of it with a profit. I'm a low stakes player, so disappointed min stake is £0.30, but I guess that is a Microgaming thing.


image.thumb.png.da4ea3366e4c0e1f71dd0143eacad912.png though - 

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30x pixel.bet

Not my cup of tea. So many bonus teases. the base feature where you get same symbols dropped in is quite nice but base game overall is boring. after what seamed an eternity I got a bonus and decided to upgrade multiplier for 30x, and the payout was 10x. guess you can win with a good bonus wheel spin but unlike Phat Cats this didn\t upgrade my opinion of the game from when I played demo. 

Pay to win (upsizer) should not be feature on slots. Cash grab


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253x at Leovegas.

Obviously had a really good run but very interesting game. Base game whilst a little boring reminds me of the Mircogaming of old (IM, TS2) which keep the balance ticking over with 20-30x wins frequently, often with the help of the Echo Roll.

The bonus appears like it could go off, with the multiplier rising quickly.  I got lucky getting two fairly quick bonuses (reading others comments) though the variance is apparent, first paid 253x (assume I had a good setup with NoLows and 2x increments) the second paid 1x with only one winning spin in 9. The only criticism is, symbols are quite similar and can its difficult to see if you've hit a win in the bonus.

Not sure how I feel about the paying to upgrade for extra spins or increased multiplier, will have to get a few more bonuses on min stake and see how it plays/pays, but the max bonus upgrade is expensive at 300x.


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92x Leo

Add another session that was -£30 on to the picture above.

I can't recommend this game. Basegame wins are extremely low. Get 3 central wilds, virtually all the tiles disappear with several 5 of a kinds, pays less than £2? Ridiculous. Bonus takes ages to arrive and then when the bonus arrives, do you want to "pay to win" to make the bonus better? No thanks, very scummy. First bonus I got paid about 20x. Another time I got 5 of a kind top symbol in basegame and it paid £8, just 27x. 2nd bonus paid better.

I do not like this one. I think the "pay to win" after getting the bonus is scummy and I don't like games that feed you a diet of extremely low basegame wins, locking all the RTP in a very volatile bonus.

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@ressivv Available on Circus

179x @ Circus 

Not certain about this one. Overall recycled 'tm' shait. Like they invented smthn. 😅

Overall the Echoroll feature is not that bad, although it's more of a riggedroll.

Microgaming has def. found a loophole to offer illegal bonusbuys.
Dutch KSA probably won't be happy, if they discovered this 🤣.

Very hard to trigger the bonus and usually not on max potential.
The sexytime sabers will be framed forever; for me this was a one-night stand.

There is potential for sure hitting echo with active multi's / wilds.
Just don't see the point of manually triggering, just to buy potential.



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35x leovegas uk

2.5 hrs solid play loads of redeposits and many many teases on min spins to finally get a bonus round and then it paid 14x!!! 14 fffing x :D - £110 down overall so the words I would use to review this slot are all unprintable  :D eventually got 1 worthwhile base game hit of 35x
Needless to say wont be rushing back to play it again soon, absolute garbage!


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220x on LeoVegas

I lost quite a bit before this win buying bonuses but the ecco rolls are amazingly exiting. Seems super volatile though, or maybe i was just extremely unlucky getting a few 10x bonuses in a row...! 

Cool theme, simple to understand and decent game 6/10


Screenshot 2022-12-15 at 22.52.22.png

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Leovegas 0,30€ - 68.1x

played a bit the base game. Not very interesting but some "decent" 10x wins :) - then i decided to buy one bonus. hm 100x for it. Ok not very cheap. But ok .

Got the Low symbol delete. Bought the 2x for 10€ (!!).  It is tempting to buy other bonus features or higher multipliers. I am sure that many do this and that is good profit for the slot provider. Very well. The result says it all.  Wanna see a 5000x comunity .- Merry xmas all! 🥰

68.1x  leovegas  geissbock 0,30 bet.PNG

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