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[FREEPLAY TOURNAMENT] Net Gains (Relax Gaming & CasinoGrounds)


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20 hours ago, Skylined87 said:


Hey guys, under "Name" field input your email and under CG Username field, enter your CasinoGrounds username (can be the same). This is the only workaround and you will start again with 400 spins. Individual sessions sadly cannot be restored.

Note that any kind of abuse is checked for and will exclude you from obtaining any prizes (in case someone is thinking to use above solution to gain multiple entries).

You are wrong sir, if the player saves the link when starting the 400 spins, they can revisit this link and continue on that session.

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3 hours ago, Ruben RK said:

2 times into the bonus today. Total result only 3000 :/. Which bonus do you guys like most?

My favourite one out of all 3 has to be the 3rd one, Coin Collect - it has paid the best every time, plus the extra spins feature also improving available Coin Multipliers is really good addition, and lots of coin drops on screen keep the free spins clocking up nice too.


The 1st one, Sticky Symbols bonus, paid me the least both times and seems to be an all or nothing type payer - the Stickys stack up fine in a great set-up but rarely connect, probably cause they'd have to pay massive if they did, and just end up acting as blockers on any other paylines. The extra free spins clock up ok too, though generally got wasted anyway due to no line connections. Tbf, if they do connect, then it would pay awesome.


The 2nd one, Wilds with Multi's bonus, i only tried once, it did loads of wilds but barely ever had multi's and was low payout overall - i wasn't mad keen on it, though i would try it again still as good multi's on the wilds could potentially make it pop.


Would be interesting to find out what the top 3 finishers each day are bonusing best on.



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