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[GAME PROMO] 9k Kong in Vegas (4 The Player)


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Worst game ever. No potential, no big wins. Too many deadspins. I got 3-4 retrigger always but from thsi 30-40spins at least 90% is dead.. Doesnt make any sense.. I cant imagine how can anyone win big on this slot..

Btw I played few rounds but never ever..


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87x on MrGreen

My first bonus in a couple of spins I end up spinning that wheel like 4 times.

I think I had like no wins and keep spinning on.

But I believe this slot have some potential if you can keep making progress and have some amazing connecting but this is not my kind of slot so I don't think I will play it that often. Cheers for Rich Kong

9k kong in Vegas 87x bonus.jpg

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Wasn't a fan of 9K Yeti but this is a different beast! Love the graphics and the theme. I have been lucky to hit a few decent wins on this and managed a 48x win in the base for the draw. The extra bet has to be on in my experience as it makes the wins significantly bigger and the chance to have a second life on the wheels is a nice touch.

Will be in my regular slots rotation going forward.

Played on LEO and managed a 48x hit.



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51x - PartyCasino

I tend to enjoy the extra bet features so it was a big plus for me, but the overall low volatility is a bit of a let down. The gamble wheel is amazing since you can't lose - it's either upgrade or collect so that's a nice touch. Might give it another try and see how it goes.


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