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Angle Shoot or did I make a mistake? - Poker hand question

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Angle shoot or did I make a mistake?

Playing 2/4 L (limit) last night.  

Hands, position, and action isn’t important until the end.

Key points is that a few guys got into a pissing match and made what ended up being a $90 pot at the end.  I had QQ and ended with the Q high straight

I bet on the river.  It folds to the guy on my right.  He grabs the $4 in calling chips and moves them to where they are about 50% over the line, it was very close.  He made the clear motion forward but did not release the chips.  

Once he made the motion and the chips were on the line, but not released, I turned my hand over.  He pulled the chips back and folded his hand.  

Here’s my question, did he angle shoot or did I turn my hand over too quickly?  The poker room plays with a “soft” line even though the tables have a very clearly defined line.  It was for an additional $4 in a $90 pot so I neither questioned the dealer nor called the floor for an official ruling but I want to know for if this happens in one of my NL sessions for much more money.

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